Faq about car rentals in Podgorica via our website

Our system provides a wide variety of vehicles from local car rental companies. How will our services benefit you?
  • Reduced Cost
    It is typical of international rental companies to inflate prices forcing customers to overpay for the brand and not the service. Local agencies, on the other hand, work with real market prices. Thus, you can rent a car at the airport of Podgorica at the lowest prices in Montenegro.
  • You are allowed to book a specific car. Booking is not based on the class of a vehicle.
    Booking in large companies is based on the class of a car, and not the specific model. We offer you precisely what you ordered for; everything is the same, down to the type of upholstery or car stereo.
  • Customer-friendly services
    Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. For smaller local companies every client is very important. So, they provide individual attention and professional approach to all your needs and desires.
  • Provide accurate information on the pick up, drop-off city and the period you intend to hire the car. A list of available vehicles will be displayed. Extra services such as child safety seat, GPS navigator, etc. are shown in the «Additional equipment» tab; their cost will be included in the estimate.
  • Pick a vehicle available for the time you need.
  • Specify your pick-up, drop-off place and time. Then click on «PAY NOW».
  • You are expected to make a deposit, after which the car ordered will be reserved in your name. A confirmation is sent automatically to your e-mail. To emphasize – in case you didn’t receive it, please check SPAM folder of your email. It should be there.
  • The balance payment should be settled at the point of pick-up.
  • If you booked a car with our company, then you left the information about the flight number and the time of arrival. The manager of car rental agency will be waiting for you at the airport exit with a sign bearing your name.
  • Do not panic if you cannot locate the manager with your name sign. Managers’s phone number is provided in the confirmation note sent to your e-mail. He will also be equipped with your phone number to aid ease of communication.
  • In the event of a delayed flight, please notify our representative via an SMS (phone number is provided in booking confirmation voucher).
  • A valid passport.
  • A valid driver’s license. In Montenegro, you do not need an International driver’s permit.
  • The voucher we sent to your e-mail address (your booking confirmation). It can be a hard or soft copy.
  • The rest of the payment.
  • The deposit, in case it is needed. In other words, you can reserve certain vehicles on our site without a deposit. Such offers are highlighted in a different color.
To book a car online, you can use your Visa or Mastercard.
The rest of the payment is effected in cash. Only a few companies from our system offer POS-terminals to handle payments. If you happen to have insufficient cash, you can use ATMs at the airport.
Deposit is always paid in cash. Deposits are refunded when cars are returned in perfect conditions.