The cheapest car rental service in Podgorica airport (Montenegro)

Welcome to the leading online booking system for car rental in Podgorica airport and Montenegro. We link clients to reliable local rental companies via an online platform. Our services are specifically tailored to suit the needs of travellers and tourists arriving or departing the Podgorica airport. We offer you the opportunity to conveniently and quickly hire a car in Podgorica airport. Our services are practical, economically attractive and very affordable (between the range of €7 and to €200).

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At the present time, 22 local car hire companies in Montenegro are currently working through our system. Price policy differs for each rental agency. As a result, the cost of car delivery and additional equipment can vary. You are advised to check the delivery cost for each car before making your choice. For example, the cost of delivery for one car can be €40, while for another car may be free.

Compare 3 possible ways of hiring a car in Podgorica airport

Rent a car in Podgorica — the best solution to the issue of a comfortable stay abroad. As a matter of fact, this will allow you to plan each day of your stay in Montenegro.

Upon arrival, you have these 3 options for renting a car:

  • International car rental companies in Podgorica airport like Hertz, Sixt, Avis, Europcar, Enterprise and Surprice. This is a reliable means of hiring automobiles. Unfortunately, it is expensive, and you need to allocate some of your time to find the right vehicle. Besides, there are certain terms and conditions set by these companies that some customers may find restricting. There should be a certain amount of money (deposit) on your bank card. Not everyone who comes to rest has extra free time and money to agree to such conditions.
  • Local car rental companies in Podgorica like Meridian, Renault, Green Motion, Delta, Simeun, MTL, Perfect, Nava and similar. This is a far better, cheaper and less limiting method of hiring cars. Luckily, these companies equally offer a good service. Although, you may still have to make yourself available so you can access the various cars before making a choice.
  • Our online booking system. This is the most convenient method of hiring vehicles as it allows you to book from the comfort of your homes, airplanes, etc. Also, you can see pictures and specifications of the vehicle you are renting. Many of these previously mentioned national rental companies are currently participating in our booking system. In fact, competition among these 22 companies is very high. So, they offer a lower price via our system than on their websites.
Based on customer feedback and reviews, we can conclude that our online booking system is the most cost, energy and time effective method. Of course, you should make your comparison and determine the best option for you.

How to book a car in Podgorica airport by using our online system – video instruction

How to rent a car in Podgorica airport for the cheapest price in Montenegro — step by step instruction

To quickly arrange a car hire in Montenegro (in Podgorica), check out the instruction on car booking.

Why choose our services for renting a car in Podgorica and Montenegro

Renting a car at the airport Golubovci via us is in great demand because:

  • We work with only trusted companies throughout Montenegro.
  • At this instant, there are over 15 audited companies in our booking system. We also have a huge selection of over 550 cars. With this in mind, you can pick up a car that best meets your requirements and capabilities from our car booking catalog.
  • You will make a reservations without intermediaries, which saves you money.
  • Car hire in Podgorica through our portal is cheaper compared to international companies operating at the airport. To point out, our price range is from €7 to €200 per day.
  • There are no pitfalls. For this reason, you are guaranteed reception of the ordered car.
  • Our services are uniquely tailored to suit clients in the first place.
  • You can get behind the wheel right at the airport.
  • At the end of the trip, you can return the car to a representative of the company at the airport in Podgorica or any address of your choice.
  • You can always cancel the reservation if the need for a car becomes irrelevant. For more information, please read the terms and conditions of car hire in Podgorica.

Reasons why you should consider using the popular car hire service in Montenegro

  • A car facilitates movement. It will be much easier to travel to cities, visit all the beaches and beautiful sights in a private car than on public transportation.
  • There are no differences in traffic rules.

  • Roads in Montenegro are in excellent condition.
  • You can travel around the country without an international driver’s license.
  • Low rental cost.
  • Affordable fuel price at gas stations.
  • Having a car at your disposal makes it is easy to find the cheapest and most comfortable accommodation for the duration of your stay in the country.
  • Not to mention that the ability to make excursions on your own, allows you to save money.

The cheapest car rental in Podgorica with no deposit and franchises

To point out on our portal, there is a possibility for car rental in Montenegro (Podgorica) with or without a deposit. Although for the most of cars you will need to pay a deposit, there are also about 10% of cars that you can rent without a deposit. To do this, use the Advanced Search function. Under the section “Insurance”, deselect the deposit.

After that, the system will show you available cars that you can hire without a deposit.

Prerequisites for rental

  • The person renting the car must not be less than 22 years of age.
  • A minimum driving experience of 2 years.
  • Driver’s license. If you have an international certificate, you still need to have a driver’s license issued by the country of which you are a citizen.
  • Valid passport of the person for whom the car rental is arranged.

Car rental agreement in Podgorica airport

A contract will be issued in 2 languages: international — English, and the language of the host country — Montenegrin. Your responsibility is to fill in the official forms. Forms are certified by authorized state bodies. The contract includes all information about the vehicle, the rental company, the lessee and the lease terms, including the duration and cost.

What you need to know about car insurance in Podgorica

To clarify — the rental price includes TPL insurance. CASCO insurance (CDW) and Super CASCO (SCDW) insurance policies can also be provided for some cars. For information on additional services, please look at the page of the specific car.

In case of an accident, call the police. The police will issue a protocol that serves as the confirmation for insurance.

Important to realize that CDW insurance covers not all damages (like damage to tires and windshields entails). In case you want to cover these damages, you need to choose SCDW insurance.

Renting a car with a driver in Podgorica

Clients without valid licenses can choose to hire a driver. Unfortunately, this option is not directly available through our site. It is only possible through a “SitnGO” car rental service.

Renting a cabriolet or convertible in Montenegro

Convertible cars are special as they give you access to clean air, a new sense of speed and the sun for a modest fee. This machine is designed to provide extreme comfort, luxury and wide comfortable seats. Luckily, the cost of renting a convertible is not very different from that of renting regular cars.

Exceeding the boundaries of Montenegro in a rented car

Some countries bordering Montenegro permits the unhindered entrance of citizens and tourists. But others requests for official documents in advance.
Montenegro shares borders with:

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo and Albania. In effect, all you need to enter these countries is a green card and a car rental contract with a note on leaving the host country.
  • Croatia — you will need a Schengen or Croatian visa, which can be issued in Kotor.

Travelling on a rented vehicle

Generally speaking, Montenegro is a small country. Its roads are structured primarily for car-tourism. For this reason there are no toll roads. Payment is required only when traveling through the Sozina tunnel (€2.5) or ferry crossing near the villages of Kamenari and Lepetani (€4.5).

Geographically, Montenegro occupies a mountainous territory; therefore, it is necessary to adapt to the movement along its roads. Especially you need to pay attention to mountain serpentine. As they are quite narrow, they may be problems with the movement on large off-roadster. In this situation, you just need to slow down, and let the other car pass. If you plan to travel more in mountainous areas, we recommend renting a car with a more powerful engine.

Fuel stations in Montenegro

There are many fuel stations in Montenegro. So, you can easily refuel an iron horse with 95 and 98 gasoline, or with liquefied gas. There are also a few stations for electric vehicles. The average price for gasoline is €1.3 /liter. All fuel stations in Montenegro accept MasterCard and Visa payment.

Parking in Montenegro

Parking in Montenegro comes with a fee, usually €1 per hour. To clarify — parking is highly prohibited in certain places. If issued a penalty for non-observance of the parking conditions, the renter has to make payment.

You can purchase parking tickets at a special kiosk. Please, put it under the windshield in your absence.

Car rental in Podgorica airport — reviews

To find out more about the quality of our services, read our customer feedback. Feel free to share reviews of your car rental in Podgorica airport. We are always glad to hear from you.

Pick up and drop off locations of rented cars in Podgorica

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